Skills Emergency Bag Hakuna Matata Terracotta


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Skills Emergency Bag Hakuna Matata Terracotta

What is a skills chain without a matching emergency bag?
Only half the battle.

From now on, you will never leave our stylish and practical emergency bags lying around or forget them anywhere - they are simply too eye-catching and bursting with bright colors and inspiring motifs.


  • Durable polyester ready for any use. These bags are constructed both inside and out to withstand a lot.

  • Water-repellent on the outside, lightly lined with black fabric on the inside to prevent hedgehog balls and various spiky or angular skills from causing any damage.

  • The outer shell feels smooth , is easy to wash and looks nice. The opening is on the top with a zipper that opens and closes easily so that nothing gets stuck or caught in an emergency.


Not too big and not too small, but just right.

  • The right size is important for bags for your skills. If it's too big, you'll need a rolling suitcase to always have it with you. If it's tiny, it's no use because then you'll only be able to fit one spicy candy in it and that's it.

  • Size of the skills bag: height 13.5cm, width 21cm, depth 2cm.

  • This means that written skill chains, fidget spinners, your ammonia or emergency medications all fit in without any problems.

If you want variety, that’s no problem:

With a few exceptions, our emergency bags have exactly the same dimensions, so your tools are guaranteed to fit in bags with other designs.
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Which skills do we offer you here? Only those that we have tried and tested ourselves and found useful. Our selection of skills is based on the experience of those affected and we are in constant communication to get new ideas and impulses.

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Anna M.

I am delighted. The customer service usually responds within an hour and is really friendly and accommodating. The order was lovingly packaged and makes a high-quality impression at first glance.


I have ordered various products to try out for myself. I think the selection is great. I will also try out some of the products on my students.


Hello you three, I wanted to thank you for the package that was wrapped so lovingly. I was very happy about it! I also found the things that help me with you. It's great that you exist ❤️



This shop has made so many things easier for me. I can order all my skills from one shop and don't have to spend ages searching.