Warum-wir-aktuell-nicht-in-die-Schweiz-liefern-können Head of Skills

Why we cannot currently deliver to Switzerland

Hello everyone,

Since the inception of our online store, we have always aimed to provide high quality products and outstanding customer service. We are proud of the relationships we have built with our customers and are grateful for the trust you place in us.

We have recently received many inquiries as to why we do not offer deliveries to Switzerland. We would like to take the time to answer this question transparently and openly.

As a small, dedicated team, we do our best to meet our customers' needs, but we are also realistic about our capacities and possibilities.

"Shipping to Switzerland brings with it additional challenges that we as a small team simply cannot handle at the moment. The main problem here is the customs regulations"

Shipping internationally, especially to countries outside the European Union such as Switzerland, requires a significant amount of extra effort. There are strict customs regulations and processes that must be followed. This does not only involve the customs clearance itself, but also a series of documentation that takes up considerable time and resources.

It is important to us that we offer you, the customer, not just products, but also a service of the highest quality. Since we are a small team, shipping to Switzerland would be too much for us at the moment and we would not be able to deliver the quality that you are used to from us and that we set as our own standard.

"But we have good news!"

We take your concerns and wishes seriously and are constantly working to improve our service. We plan to deliver to Switzerland in the future. It is our goal to take all necessary steps to make customs processes more efficient and to enable smooth delivery.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter. Your trust and support mean a lot to us and motivate us to keep getting better. Stay, there are exciting developments in the future and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Best regards

Your team from Head of Skills

Photo by Nadine Marfurt on Unsplash

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash